The alerts market

In recent years we have seen the development of a whole new industry in the
capital market: the alerts industry. Alerts are generated for the purpose of finding trading opportunities in the capital market.

The alerts industry is flooded

The alerts market has developed in response to the need of traders in the capital market to filter, pick, and choose from the vast amounts of information published daily in our highly communicative era. This information is crucial for making
investment decisions. Bear in mind that in the absence of relevant professional
experience and knowledge, it is difficult to determine which information items have economic impact, and more important, to predict how the market will react to this or that item of information.
Currently the alarms market is flooded by increasing numbers of providers, to the point where the need has arisen for a tool that can help users filter and choose from among the sea of alert providers the one that sends the right alerts.

Who are the alerters and who are the alertees…

Most alert providers are clearly interested parties: brokers who send alerts to their clients as a
complementary product to be used with their trading platforms, various web promoters who offer free alert services because they are often evaluated based on the number of visits and the scope of the activity on their sites, and the like..

Very few alert providers treat the alerts as their true and only profession.

Users of the alerts are various types of traders, ranging from highly skilled and experienced ones to new traders who are at the beginning of their careers. Expert traders generally use alerts to increase the range of options available to them in order to expand their activities in the market. Those who are new to trading often treat alerts as carriers of infallible truth.

How to choose a good alert provider

Good alerts lead to successful trading that generates profits for the trader.
Good alerts must meet the following requirements:

  1. Reach the user in real time.
  2. Include explanations and graphic analysis, to help users not only with their decision making, but also to develop and expand their professional knowledge.
  3. Reach the users anywhere, at their desktop computers and mobile phones, not only when they are at their desk at work, but also when they are on vacation or simply walking in the park.
  4. The information included in the alert must be transmitted at once, not in parts, to help users see the whole picture in one place or in one window.
  5. The alert is not a stand-alone entity, but must be part of a sequence of alerts that creates a process, so that users have the ability to see and examine every transaction and respond to it even as it is taking shape.
  6. The system of alerts must signal not only when the user is entering a transaction, but must also track it until the user exits from the transaction.
  7. Ability to allow users to see all the stages of the transaction, from the entrance alert to the exit alert, and in the same window also the history of all alerts in the past week.
  8. Reach the trader in advance, allowing him enough time to carry out the transaction.

The good news

The 8alert system is the only one of its kind in the world. Using breakthrough patented technology and a unique alert selection methodology, in the hands of a team of veteran and experienced analysts,8alert has all the features required to provide good alerts for the global capital market.

8alert users enjoy all three advantages that produce successful alerts.

A. Quality rather than quantity. Using the expertise of a veteran team of analysts, the system selects from a large number of alerts the best ones—up to 8 alerts per day. The 8alert team understands that it is quality that determines success, and that quantity only confuses users, diverts their attention, and hinders their success in the capital market.
B. Original technology that takes into account most of the user’s operational needs, i.e., availability, visibility, and the ability to obtain full and complete
information in real time, both to the mobile device and to the desktop computer, through pop-up windows. (Pop-up windows allow tracking each transaction through all its stages, with graphic displays and explanations of each alert,
including an option to view the history of all the alerts of the previous week).
C. Analytical knowledge and information that includes professional graphs and explanations for each alert, provides guidance in response to economic events, and guides users from the moment they enter a position until they exit it with maximum profit.

Users can view the history of alerts in the last two years on our site.

Important: 8alert is not affiliated with or dependent upon any broker or any interested economic entity, and is not limited to any area or type or system of